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Peking Duck

Half Peking Duck with 10 Pancakes and Duck Soup$25.95
Whole Peking Duck with 20 Pancakes and Duck Soup$45.95
TO-GO Whole Peking Duck with 20 Pancakes$35.95
10 Pancakes$5.00

What is Peking Duck

How we serve and eat it

Many people have no idea about what is Peking duck? Peking duck is a Chinese dish of premium quality. It is the specialty in the Chinese foods. The Peking duck originated in Beijing or Peking area. It was served only at the banquets or important events. It is sufficient for 8-10 people on each table. The Peking duck is an expensive dish when compared to other Chinese foods. It is two times more expensive than the normal dishes at the banquet. The Peking duck is a treat for people. When Peking duck is served, it becomes a two main course dish over the Chinese banquet where 7 to 9 dishes are served. In this course, a single dish is shared by some people over the table in a family style. In this dish, the whole Peking Duck is roasted which makes the skin crispy, golden and makes it puffed up.
Now, let’s have a look at how is it prepared, served and how we eat it along with the pricing details?


The Peking duck is prepared from a special breed of duck known as Imperial Peking. The ducks are raised in an environment where they can freely move around and feed. It ensures that you receive tender meat. The head and neck of the bird are remained intact when the bird is used for cooking purpose at six weeks. The duck is then dressed after the removal of entrails. The Peking duck is filled with air between the flesh and the skin which allows the skin to puff out. It makes the fat more rendered during the roasting process while the skin turns crisp which is the best part of this dish. The sweet solution is painted over the Peking duck. It is prepared, then dried and roasted within a cylindrical clay oven.


A complete set of Peking Duck platesPeking duck is served as two courses. The Peking duck is carved over at the duck station as the first main course. The fat, skin and slight meat is carved and provided to the guests. The guests receive the Chinese Tortilla with the Peking duck. The server then places the sliced duck over a platter. The tortillas are then slathered with our special duck sauce (reddish-brown, spicy and sweet sauce) and green onions/scallions. The guests then roll the tortillas and eat with hands.
The carcass is then taken back to the kitchen for the preparation of the second duck course: Peking Duck Soup. It is prepared by cutting the meat from the bones. It varies depending on the need or according to your choice.


The chef precisely chops down the Peking duck and cuts it into small slices. First you put some of our special sauce on the Chinese Tortilla, then place a slice over the tortilla and add some cucumber with scallions to make your meal perfect. Now fold the tortilla from the sides and bottom. Take a bite of this glorious dish by picking it up with the chopstick or more traditionally with your hands.


The Peking duck is a lavish dish with tantalizing taste. The preparations and carving of the Peking duck is also the part of the Peking duck presentation. The best Peking duck in Houston is served at Bamboo house restaurant which performs all the prep of this dish at the table. They do the slicing, wrapping and rolling all over your table and just leave the eating part on the guests. This dish is quite pricey because of its taste and lavishing presentation. It costs around $45.95 for whole Peking duck set served with 20 tortillas and duck soup. The cost for half Peking duck set served with 10 tortillas and duck soup is around $25.95. The whole Peking duck with 20 tortillas for to-go is around $35.95. Visit us now to enjoy the must-have savory dish at Bamboo House.

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